Overcoming public speaking fear may help you in more ways, too. Many people suffer from stage fright, or public performance. Many more than appear to or admit to. There appears to be a stigma attached – don’t divulge your inner fear.

So, of course, they continue to suffer.

Courses may help you, but that can take a long time before you begin to see results.

Overcoming public speaking fear can be very easy and very fast when you use homeopathic medicines. Your lack of self confidence is not a natural state. It has come about from an event in your life. It may be that you were constantly put down as a child, either from your family and friends or from school teachers. Or it may have come about from an accident or injury. There are many causes.

It can be difficult to see yourself in an honest and unbiased way, so the best treatment is to consult with a professional homeopath. more here

However, you may not have time for that. You may have a public speaking role within hours. What can you do?

If you already own a homeopathic home prescribing kit, you will have several medicines which may help you. You simply have to work out the best one, by matching your symptoms to some of those of the best medicine.

Silica is one of our top medicines for overcoming public speaking fear, for a lack of confidence, for someone who is paralysed by anxiety or fear, is indecisive or for someone with a yielding or timid disposition. The Silica personality does gave an obstinate streak, which may sound unusual given the other symptoms of a lack of self confidence. But this comes from an inner conviction of being right. Even with the outer tendency to yield to others.

Those who need Silica are cold, very cold. Even uncovering one limb, or being in a draught is not well tolerated.

And there may be a past history of many and recurring infections and a lack of healing in injuries.

After taking Silica, with good results, you may find that many of these areas of health cease to be a problem. So not only has your fear evaporated, you have become more healthy, too.