24th January 2019 
Practitioners. Lee Burton Acupuncture

Dr Lee Burton - Homeopathy and Acupuncture - Head of Integrated Health

Dr Lee Burton is a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy,UK.He is a Homeopathic Physician at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital specialising in General and Paediatric medicine,and cancer services.See the link below for more information on conditions which can be helped by an integrated approach.
A member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society,he is experienced in the use of Western Medical Acupuncture techniques particularly in musculoskeletal disorders.Registered with UK General Medical Council.

Available: Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30am to 6:00pm
Prices: 50-60 for 30min medical consultation, for details please ask
For appointments tel 01884 308164
for more information see Dr Lee Burton website

Practitioners. Jonathan Boxall

Jonathan Boxall - Osteopath BA (Hons), DO, BSc (Hons) Ost

Jonathan Boxall is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. He has been trained in Classical Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy and Visceral Osteopathy. Specialising in solving problems with back, neck and shoulders, his treatment is gentle, effective and carefully applied.

Available: Saturdays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 8:30am to 6:00pm
Appointments telephone: 01884 308123
Prices: Initial appointment 46, follow up appointment 40
Additonal information: Cullompton Osteopathy Clinic Website

Practitioners. Tatiana Johnson

Tatiana Johnson - Osteopath

Tatiana Johnson has a Masters degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. She treats patients conditions including chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritic pain and those who were referred through the Primary Care Trust. She also has an interest in treating mothers and babies using cranio-sacral osteopathy

Available: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Appointments telephone: 01884 308123
Prices: Initial appointment 46, follow up appointment 40
Additonal information: Cullompton Osteopathy Clinic Website

Practitioners. Trevor Hoskisson

Trevor Hoskisson - Hypnotherapist

International award winning Harley Street hypnotherapist Trevor Hoskisson is the person who the "experts" go to see. Amongst Trevor's clients are psychotherapists, coaches, celebrities, doctors and professors.

Trevor is not only an award winning hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist; he is a trainer and master practitioner of NLP and a life & health coach. He holds advanced qualifications in clinical, analytical, forensic hypnosis, and pain management in addition to a degree in biochemistry and a lifelong interest in nutrition. He is psychological adviser to a leading weight loss company also based in Harley Street.
Specialities: Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Life Coaching, Pain Relief
Weight Loss, Phobias, Public Speaking, Sports Enhancement, Stress Reduction

Available: Monday between 3.00pm and 8.30pm

He runs free classes in self-hypnosis every other Monday between 1.00pm and 2.00pm

Appointments Tel 01884 308047

Prices 45 per hour session, except smoking cessation which is 120 for a two hour session and includes a back-up session when required.

Additonal information: Trevor Hoskissons Website

Practitioners. Sarah Hewlett

Sarah Hewlett - Reflexology, massage

Sarah Hewlett practiced as a state enrolled nurse for 7 years prior to retraining as a reflexologist. She qualified as a Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR) in 2001 and has worked full time since then.

Available: Mondays, 8:30am to 2:30pm
Appointments telephone: 07790 064845
Prices: Half and hour 20/25, a full hour 40
Additonal information: @ 07

Practitioners. chris Scott

Chris Scott - Podiatrist

Chris offers General Foot Care, Diabetic Footcare and Biomechinical assessments for foot complaints.

Available: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00am to 1:00pm
Prices: 28 - 60 for details please ask
For appointments tel 01884 308047
For more information see Podiatry Website

Practitioners. Kathryne Donnithorne

Kathryn Donnithorne MBACP - Counsellor

Kathryn Donnithorne offers a non-judgmental place where you will be listened to and supported as you talk about what’s on your mind.

I am trained to listen and I have experience of working with a wide range of issues and difficult feelings.

Counselling helps people overcome all sorts of problems and often enables much more helpful and happier ways of living, thinking and relating to others.

You are welcome to come and meet with me, for free, and decide whether you think counselling will help you.

Available: Wednesdays
Price: 40 an hour
Tel: 01884 308045
More info: Headspace Counselling Website

Practitioners. Alice Weekes

Alice Weekes - Sports Therapist

Available: Wednesdays and Thursdays 2pm to 8pm
Sports Therapy: Initial consultation 35, ongoing 30.
Sports Massage: 30 mins 28, 1 hour 40.
1-to-1 Pilates: 35 for a 1 hour session.
Appointments telephone: 01884 308123

Practitioners. Fred Seward

Fred and Therese Seward - Healers

Fred and Therese have been involved with healing for over 30 years and have taken part in healing trials at Exeter University. They have worked with the Medical Profession since 1997.

Available: Thursdays, 9:00 to 12:00
Appointments telephone: 01626 774404 / 07821 798683
Prices: Contact practitioner
Additonal information: Healing Website

Practitioners. Sarah Marek

Sarah Marek - Physiotherapist

Sarah is a Senior Physiotherapist with a wide range of experience treating musculo-skelal conditions for chronic pain, rehabilitation and sports injury