24th January 2019 
Therapies  #01

Therapies at the Culm Valley Natural Health Practice In Devon

As well as providing the core therapies for complementary health stated in the NICE guidelines (acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and osteopathy), the Culm Valley Natural Health Practice provides a range of approaches to optimise health and well being and treat a wide variety of conditions

Acupuncture / Japanese Acupuncture

An holistic approach to the management of disease as well as the maintenance of health, relieving long-term pain and migraine headaches, or even for easing or alleviating the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, back pain and emotional distress.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical assessment and treatment effective for a wide range of painful conditions, especially migraine, joint, neck and back pain and sciatica.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy can help with managing symptoms or illness. Knowing your nutritional deficiencies will enable you to make healthier food choices and live better for good. Nutrition is fuel for our body.


Essential oils work with both body and mind, alleviating physical stress and strain. Every oil has a different therapeutic effect and are chosen and blended especially for the individual

Bowen technique

A light touch therapy consisting of a sequence of gentle moves over muscle and soft tissue. Encourages re-alignment of the body correcting muscular-skeletal disorders and encourages health maintenance.

Counselling/Personal therapy/Stress management

Counselling at the NHP offers space where clients are treated with dignity and compassion; some common issues are anxiety, stress and depression, relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement, support in times of crisis and feeling overwhelmed or trapped. You will not be criticised or judged; you will work at your own pace as you begin to explore your feelings and find a more fulfilling way forward.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy that addresses the source of the problem and the body as a whole. It is gentle, restorative & effective. Our bodies have an innate ability to self-repair - but sometimes we need help. Craniosacral therapy facilitates greater health and balance by easing deep tensions within your system allowing your body to regain health following illness, injury, stress or trauma.


Healing helps restore good health and harmony to body and mind. Whether you are experiencing an acute or long-term condition or needing preventative “top ups”, receiving healing energy will help bring about a betterment in whatever way you need.

Herbal Medicine

In depth review of your health with herbal treatment individually tailored to your needs. Herbal medicines act to nourish and sustain our body systems, restore weakened tissues and encourage the body to heal itself.


Hypnotherapy enables you to achieve things and make changes in your life, which would otherwise seem more difficult. These range from stopping smoking, weight loss, nail biting through to stammering, sexual problems, obsessions and phobias.

Homeopathic Medicine

Natural remedies for individualised care of general medical conditions, especially; allergic conditions, IBS, Migraine, skin disorders, menstrual problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, long term pain, neck and back pain and cancer care support-prescibed by our Homeopathic doctor with specialist training and experience.

Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Baby Massage and Indian Head Massage

Improves circulation, relieves muscular tightness and increases joint mobility. Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both body and mind. Pregnancy massage provides specific massage during pregnancy and post partum. Baby massage teaches soothing techniques that helps with bonding, sleeping, feeding, and relaxation.


Therapy to improve the function of joints and muscles and, indirectly, enhance many aspects of health. Most commonly used to help resolve back neck and shoulder pain, but also useful in a range of chronic conditions. Involves considered and selective muscle release and joint mobilisation to improve posture, balance and freedom of movement. It is based on a firm knowledge of anatomy, and the pathologies that affect the musculoskeletal system.

For more information see Cullompton Osteopath.


This ancient technique aims to relieve stress and tension, helping to remove physical and emotional congestion by gently manipulating reflex points in the feet, inducing deep relaxation, revitalising body and soul.


Physiotherapy is very effective for rehabilitation following sports and other injuries, the improvement and relief of painful conditions of the back, neck and joints and restoration of movement, as well as full and effective recovery from operations like knee or hip replacements and fractures.

Seated Acupressure Massage

A treatment that combines Japanese acupressure and traditional massage techniques and is received fully clothed with the client comfortably seated. Ideal for immediate relaxation and pain relief.


Also known as Chiropody deals with most aspects of foot health and the effects of the feet on posture and the function and health of the knees and hips.